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Increasingly, business success will be driven by the deployment of a transformational digital strategy.  Future product development processes will exploit innovative digital design technologies (e.g. optimisation, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc.) to deliver product differentiation.  The availability and flexible access to High Performance Computing (HPC) is a key facilitator.  The more we simulate, the more we innovate.

For over two decades, Altair has developed not only the engineering simulation software (Altair HyperWorks) but also the middleware software (Altair PBSWorks) which allows efficient utilisation of ‘On Premise’ HPC and seamless access to Cloud Computing to manage the inevitable peaks in workload.  Altair’s HPC software licence model together with the availability of inexpensive computing is facilitating rapid and innovative simulations.


Contents of the Day

This free to attend informative event demonstrated how IT teams could gain flexibility in compute capacity by balancing both on premise and cloud resource; and how engineering teams could access new simulation capability quickly and cost effectively.

The morning session focused on the middleware enablers (Altair PBSWorks) which monitors the utilisation of the HPC ‘On Premise’ asset and also facilitates seamless access to the Cloud infrastructure.  A live demonstration of Altair's ‘On-Premise’ HPC and Oracles Cloud infrastructure was performed.

The afternoon session showcased applications where flexible HPC can remove potential barriers to entry.  This included access to large scale compute to perform advanced optimisation or new hardware architectures (e.g. GPU’s) to access next generation simulation technology.


Who Should Attend?

The seminar was constructed to appeal to IT Manager & Directors, Engineering Managers & Directors, Head of Design and Company Strategists.  The day provided an opportunity to learn, discuss,  and demystify issues around both the economics and flexibility of ‘On-Premises’ and Cloud with Altair providing a business assessment from its own consultancy division.


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9:00 AM


10:00 AM

Welcome Presentation
Dr. Baljesh Mehmi, Sales Director



Driving Business Agility through Ubiquitous HPC
Chris Townend, Director of Enterprise Computing - EMEA

  • Utilising the Availability of Inexpensive HPC
  • Managing Complex Mixed HPC Architectures

On the Forefront of Engineering Simulation in the Cloud
Wolfgang Dreyer, Senior Principal Product Manager HPC
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Providing access to Engineering Capability & Delivering Unlimited Capacity
  • Removing Cloud’s Perceived Business Barriers (e.g. Security, Compliance)

Efficient Workload Management of Hybrid Cloud Systems
Ian Littlewood, Project Manager

  • Transparent Cloud Bursting Workflow
  • Fully Managed Data Lifecycle

Live Cloud Bursting Demo
Adarsh Patil, Enterprise Technical Manager Nordics & UK

  • User View: Job & Data Lifecycle, Ease of Use & Monitoring
  • Easy Cloud Enablement, Lifecycle Management & Cost Control
12:30 PM

Including Tour of Altair's HPC Infrastructure



Balancing On-Premise & Cloud Compute for Flexible Engineering Execution
Jamie Buchanan, UK Technical Director

  • The Importance of HPC to Inject Product Innovation
  • The Current Economics of On-Premise & Cloud

Selecting HPC Solutions for an International Design Team
Rod Giles, Group Manager CAE & CAD 
Royal Enfield

  • HPC Facilitating a Simulation-Driven Design Culture
  • Deployment of the Altair Unlimited Appliance

Facilitating Access to New Hardware / Software Technologies Through Cloud
Gareth Lee, Senior CFD Specialist & Tom Goodwin, Team Manager

  • CFD & Discrete Element Modelling Applications on GPUs
  • Enabling Multi-disciplinary Optimisation to Meet Programme Timescales

Evolution of Software as a Service - A Cloud Collaboration Platform
Jérémie Bourdoncle, Senior Director - Enterprise Computing

  • Enable Cloud Scale Computing Capability
  • Managing Design Ideas and Data

Panel Discussion
All Speakers

3:30 PM

Summary & Close

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