Data Preparation Monarch Spotlight Series

Altair Monarch Spotlight Series

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Monarch has been the leader in self-service data preparation for over 30 years. With our newest release, Monarch 2020.1, we’ve added a variety of advanced analytics and reporting features, including a new native data connector to simplify your most difficult database workflow challenges.

In a continuation of our popular Monarch Spotlight Series, we covered a range of use cases on creating data prep efficiencies across Excel users and different verticals. 

Data Preparation & Trapping for Excel Users  

On-demand webinar recording now available.

Get more out of Excel, with less effort.

As Excel users ourselves, we understand that there can be some frustration around Excel’s ability to handle the type of analysis we’d like to do. Recently, publications like Forbes and the Wall Street Journal have written articles, commenting on Excel’s shortcomings for analysts. Come join our in-house expert Llewellyn Wells to learn how to overcome these limitations with self-service data preparation.

During this session, we’ll cover how to: 

  • Avoid the negative, costly impacts of poor data quality

  • Leverage self-service data preparation for Excel users

  • Automate tasks with reusable data models and workflows

  • Convert complex Excel workbooks with multiple sheets into accurate, trusted smart data set



Llewellyn Wells
Llewellyn Wells
Solutions Specialist, Business Intelligence Support

Data Automation for Mortgage Servicing

On-demand webinar recording now available.

Mortgage Servicers using Black Knight face significant challenges around quickly and cost-effectively accessing lending and pre-payment risk.

Mortgage Servicers rely on client and transactional data to evaluate pre-payment risk and execute on investor reporting, loss analysis, and servicing transfers. On platforms like Black Knight MSP, that data is either trapped in static reports or accessible through costly add-ons like BDE. The Altair Mortgage Suite serves as a complement to the mortgage servicing platform by transforming reports into tabular data, applying machine learning and presenting the data in a visual, easy-to-interpret fashion. Come join our in-house expert with two decades of experience in mortgage servicing Joe Lovati to learn how the Altair Mortgage Suite can bring efficiency to your processes.

During the session, we'll cover how to: 

  • Fully automate the process of extracting, normalizing, and combining data from text/pdf reports and files coming from disparate in-house or third-party mortgage systems (e.g. Black Knight)

  • Automatically create clean, trusted, curated mortgage data sets that can be analyzed with any tool

  • Dramatically improve the productivity of your analysts so they can focus on higher-value analytic tasks

  • Decrease costly data access and data usage fees from third-party vendors

  • Help analysts predict default and prepayment risk with self-service machine learning

  • Reduce costs and increase revenue by helping your marketing and collection teams focus on the right customers at the right time

  • Create real-time dashboards with business unit KPIs like tasks completed, customers called, fees collected, etc.

  • Get alerts when thresholds are breached to improve customer service, drive more revenue, and reduce credit and fraud risk



Joe Lovati
Joe Lovati
Mortgage, Subject Matter Expert

Audit Readiness & Optimization

On-demand webinar recording now available.

Empower your analysts and organization to optimize the audit preparation process with Monarch.

Preparing for and conducting an audit can be a labor intensive, cumbersome, and error prone process. However it doesn’t need to be that way. By leveraging Monarch, analysts and organizations can leverage their disparate data sources in a no-code environment to optimize audit readiness.

During this session, we'll cover how to: 

  • Apply no-code data analytics to the audit process

  • Gather data and leverage insights from siloed data sources

  • Discover patterns and identify anomalies in your data

  • Improve governance

  • Automate workflows



James Tirbaso Headshot
James Tirbaso
Solutions Specialist, Business Intelligence Support