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Deadline to apply for the free trial is July 8, 2019

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Altair Partner Alliance 60-Day Free Trial

For 60-Days you'll have access to third-party software products available through the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) including technologies ranging from computational fluid dynamics and fatigue, to manufacturing process simulation and human modeling, with applications specific to industry-verticals including marine, automotive, oil & gas, heavy equipment and aerospace.

Deadline to apply for the free trial is July 8, 2019.

What is the Altair Partner Alliance (APA)?

Altair’s HyperWorks platform has been opened to third-party applications, all of which are available to customers using the revolutionary on-demand software licensing system. Customers can invoke a broad suite of partner software at absolutely no incremental cost utilizing their existing HyperWorks Units (HWU). 

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APA Software Available For Use For Free

Additive Manufacturing 

  • Materialise 3-matic by Materialise
  • Amphyon by Additive Works


  • Flow Simulator by GE
  • FIRE™ M by AVL
  • LOGEengine & LOGEresearch by LOGE AB
  • TAITherm by ThermoAnalytics, Inc.

Collaboration & Automation

  • ModelCenter® by Phoenix Integration


  • CONVERSE by PART Engineering
  • KTex Family by CEDREM
  • LAP & CoDA by Anaglyph Ltd

Crash & Safety

  • MADYMO by TASS International


  • CADdoctor by Elysium Co. Ltd.
  • RAMDO by RAMDO Solutions


  • CAEfatigue VIBRATION by CAEfatigue Limited
  • DesignLife by HBM nCode
  • FEMFAT by Magna Powertrain
  • S-Life FKM by PART Engineering

Dynamic Analysis

  • ChassisSim by ChassisSim Technologies
  • ProteusDS & ShipMo3D by DSA Ltd.


  • Charge & SENSE by Fieldscale
  • VSim by Tech-X

Human Models

  • HUByx by CEDREM
  • Santos® Pro by SantosHuman Inc.



Material Management

  • Total Materia by Key to Metals AG
  • Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro by Matereality, LLC


  • AlphaCell by MATELYS
  • Coustyx by Advanced Numerical Solutions, LLC.
  • EFEA by Michigan Engineering Services, LLC
  • EXCITE™ Acoustics by AVL
  • VMAP by TechPassion

Optical Design

  • RayViz & TracePro by Lambda Research Corporation

Structural Analysis

  • StressCheck by Engineering Software Research & Development, Inc.

System Level Design

  • DSHplus by FLUIDON
  • Maple & MapleSim by Maplesoft

Systems Simulation

  • CRUISE™ M by AVL
  • CosiMate by Chiastek


Find out more about each Partner solution by visiting our Altair Product Showcase.

How it Works

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  1. Complete the form to request your 60-day trial license. 

  2. We will evaluate whether you are eligible for the trial program. 

  3. Once validated, we will issue your trial license for a 60-day period.

    Note: Your trial license will be active for the following dates:  July 15, 2019 - September 15, 2019

  4. Download the APA software from Altair Connect.  

  5. Continue license: Contact your Altair representative if you are interested in continuing your license after the trial period.



All requests must be submitted by July 8, 2019.

Trial Period

Your trial license will be active during the following dates:  July 15, 2019 - September 15, 2019


Your license will be issued as a Hosted HyperWorks Units. The Hosted HyperWorks Units (H-HWU) is a cloud-based license management system that enables greater flexibility with your Altair licenses. Integrated with Altair Connect, H-HWU allows seamless access from any internet-connected computer to your licenses without the need to install local license servers.

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