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Altair SAO enables you to visualize and analyze global software inventories and utilization rates across facilities, divisions, departments, and users. With SAO, it’s easy to pinpoint underutilized assets for better business planning and forecasting. Because we have deep domain expertise in not only HPC but also business analytics and software licensing systems, Altair is uniquely qualified to offer powerful SAO solutions tailored to the individual requirements of each organization. 

The Altair SAO Predict module is a “what-if” simulator — an entirely new approach to exploring configuration alternatives using a virtual license manager and the data generated by SAO.

In this webinar, SAO expert Alhad Joshi, Altair's Vice President of Enterprise Analytics Solutions, showcases the benefits of using SAO and SAO Predict in a global organization. 


Why watch?

  • Learn about SAO and the positive impact it can have on your business and your bottom line
  • Discover the benefits of using SAO Predict and how it can help guide your future license capacity planning

Topics include:

  • Quick introduction to SAO
  • Best practices for software asset utilization
  • Demo: Using SAO – highlighting new features in the latest release
  • Demo: Using SAO Predict 


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