Altair Student Team Workshops

Join us for the 2018 Altair Student Team Workshop on September 6th-7th at Altair, Calwer Str. 7,
71034 Böblingen and learn

  • How to design and optimize lightweight structures
  • How to simulate efficient electric engines and mechatronic systems
  • How to simulate and optimize composite structures
  • How to determine the drag and lift coefficient in external aerodynamics simulation

We invite students and beginners of simulation to this event. During two days, you can choose from software demos and hands-on exercises to learn the basics of different physical simulation disciplines and get started with your project. Beyond this event we offer sponsored software licenses, additional trainings and support you in the best way when you begin with your design and simulation.

Please register for the Workshops today and forward the invitation to any students, team members and professors that you think will be interested. We are looking forward to seeing you in Böblingen.

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Design of Lightweight Composite Structures

September 6th OR 7th –
Starting with Finite Elements and Composite Simulation

  • Pre-Design of Composite Panels and Tubes using ESACOMP
  • Finite Element Simulation of Composite Shell Structures
  • Finding the optimum Ply Shape, Angle and Thickness for your Composite with OptiStruct

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Design for Additive Manufacturing and Lightweight Structures

September 6th OR 7th

  • Finite Element Modelling and Simulation with INSPIRE
  • Design your optimal lightweight part with INSPIRE
  • Use of Manufacturing constraints for casting, milling, extrusion parts
  • Use of overhang constraint for additive manufacturing

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Efficient Mechatronic and electric drive Design

September 6th

  • Design of efficient electric drives using FLUX Motor and FLUX 2D
  • Mathematical Modelling with Open Matrix Language and use of COMPOSE
  • Mechatronic System Modelling with ACTIVATE, including Motion, Electric Drives, System Behaviour

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Wind tunnel modelling and simulation

September 7th

  • Prepare and modify models for Virtual Wind Tunnel Simulation
  • Determine drag and lift in Virtual Wind Tunnel Simulation

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