Altair Inspire in Motion

Session 1 | September 3rd



  • Geometry Import
  • Moving and connecting parts
  • General Interface Overview
  • Editing Geometry
  • Adding and Removing Features

Analysis Setup

  • Creation and Assigning of Materials
  • Creation of Supports/Constraints
  • Creation of Loads
  • Part Contact

Optimization Setup

  • Creating Design Spaces
  • Partitioning Non Design Spaces
  • Discussion of Optimization Techniques
  • Defining Optimization Parameters

Post Processing

  • Creating Contoured Results
  • Animation
  • Discussion of Different Result Types
  • Understanding Optimized Shapes
  • Creation of New Geometry from Optimized Results
  • Demonstration of New (2019.2) Geometry Creation tools


Session 2 | September 5th

Inspire Motion


  • Geometry Import
  • Cleaning and Preparing Geometry for Motion Analysis

Motion Setup

  • Establishing Ground Bodies
  • Creation of Rigid Groups
  • Auto Creation of Joints
  • Creation of Motors
  • Setting Motor Parameters
  • Creation of Actuators
  • Setting Actuator Parameters
  • Creating and Editing Springs
  • Creating and Editing Contacts

Motion Analysis

  • Setting Motion Paramers
  • Running the Motion Analysis
  • Reviewing the Results
  • Visualizing Joint and Contact Forces

Analysis and Optimization

  • Utilizing Motion Analysis to Drive Structural and Optimization Studies
  • Reviewing the Results




*To participate in any training sessions, attendees must have access to the free Altair Student Edition. To download the software click here.

Session 1 - Video Recording 


Session 2 - Video Recording