Altair Inspire Cast delivers guided casting process simulation with an innovative user experience catered to beginners and experts alike. Avoid casting defects such as air entrapment, porosity, cold shuts and mold degradation. 


Minimize Process Complexity, Enhance Quality and Improve Productivity

Here's why product and process engineers will appreciate working with Inspire Cast: 

Ease of Use with 5 Simple Steps

Simulate, run analysis, optimize and cast the final part all within one comprehensive environment and user-friendly interface


Variety of Casting Templates to Simulate

Simulate high and low pressure die casting, gravity sand, and investment casting with casting templates 


Optimize Ingate Design and Position

Quick and simple ingate simulation let's you select the size and position and Inspire Cast will auto-generate the ingate


Validate Full Casting Designs

Validate full casting designs including cavities, runners and overflows


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