Jean-Baptiste Mouillet

Jean-Baptiste graduated in 1992 and began his career as an Aerospace engineer. He worked for Airbus before joining Mecalog in 1995. Ever since, he has been working in multiphysics, FSI and developed methods and guidelines to simulate complex phenomenon such as fuel tank sloshing, ditching and explosions with RADIOSS. He has been with Altair since 2006 and is dedicated to helping clients to find optimal and innovative solutions to their problems involving multiphysics using Altair Solvers.

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Thought Leader Thursday: CAEエンジニアは設計プロセスにおいてマルチフィジックスをどのように活用すべきか?

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Mouillet on 2018/07/25 18:00:00

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*『Thought Leader Thursday』は、Altairの各分野のリーダーが木曜日に『Innovation Intelligence』に投稿している、記事シリーズです。


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