Altair offers the ability for organizations to measure and analyze their utilization of all HPC assets. In addition, Altair now offers software asset optimization (SAO) for right-sizing software investments across the whole organization. SAO enables visualization and analysis of global software inventories and utilization rates.  Altair SAO allows organizations:

  • On-demand access to license inventory/usage/trends
  • Rapid reconciliation of software requests vs. capacity
  • Quantitative insight to support vendor negotiations
  • Improved software capacity planning and forecasting

In this webinar, our expert will showcase the benefits of using Altair SAO in a global organization and will provide an exclusive profile of one customer’s success with SAO.

Why attend?

  • Learn about Altair SAO and the positive impact it provides for businesses and their bottom line
  • Get tips and tricks for using SAO

Topics include:

  • Quick introduction to Altair SAO
  • Best practices for software asset utilization
  • Demo: Using SAO
  • Customer case study
  • Live Q&A with Altair’s Vice President of Global Enterprise Analytics Solutions 


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Speaker: Alhad Joshi
Duration: 40 minutes