From Antenna Design to Wireless Connectivity with Altair

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We invite you to download the case studies below to explore how the development process – from pre-study, through design, placement and final validation – for various antenna concepts is realized while also using optimization to increase the performance of the product.

Learn more how companies from all industries applied Altair Feko™-based computational studies to accurately and efficiently assess antenna system performance and mounting locations.


Customer Stories

Download these Case Studies to learn more how other companies have used Altair Feko™ and other Altair tools successfully for Antenna Design.


Daimler alternative image

Optimizing the Layout of Passenger Car Glass Antennas

EM Aeroplane

Surrogate Models for Antenna Placement on Large Platforms


The SKA Radio Telescope: a Global Project for a Better Understanding of the Universe


Pioneering Real Wireless Power Delivery™ at Ossia Inc.: FEKO in the Simulation Process


Using Altair FEKO to Facilitate Development of the World’s Smallest TV Antenna


Developing Efficient Design Procedures for Wideband, Low-profile Antennas Using Altair  FEKO Electromagnetic Simulation Technology

Download the Case Studies

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