From Antenna Design to Wireless Connectivity with Altair

Altair Feko is the comprehensive solution for antenna design, placement and electromagnetic compatibility. It has an accurate, integrated, and easy to use GUI from geometry modeling to results visualization and report generation. As the industry standard for optimal placement in any platform, Feko enables key global companies to ensure analysis and validation of their products to ultimately get products to market faster and simultaneously save costs by reducing expensive prototyping and cutting out product re-design cycles.

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On-demand Webinar

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Accelerate Product Development Uniquely Combining Antenna Design and Wireless Connectivity Simulation


In this webinar we showcase Altair’s electromagnetic simulation solutions, which uniquely combine antenna design and wireless connectivity for a broad array of communication technologies, including among others, 5G, IoT, WiFi and RFID. As the trusted solution for smart device manufacturers around the world, Altair's electromagnetic solutions shorten development cycles for higher-performing products by accurately simulating the antenna(s) performance within the physical device and at the same time the performance of the device within the wireless network. The same solution at a communication system level is also used by leading organizations to analyze and design wireless networks, including the effect of the antennas, in complex scenarios like indoor, urban and rural




On-demand Webinar Series for Antenna Design

In the webinar series we offer insight into methodology of successful development processes of antennas.


Optimize Your Antenna Design Through Machine Learning


Take Advantage of Characteristic Mode Analysis for Your Antenna Design


Get One Step Ahead of 5G With Wireless Network Planning and Performance Analysis


On-Demand Workshops

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Efficiently Simulating and Optimising Antenna Placement in Virtual Test Scenarios

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