Composites Applications Available Through the Altair Partner Alliance 


Best of Composites Applications Available From the Altair Alliance

CONVERSE by PART Engineering

PART-Engineering_CONVERSE 2020


An Easy-to-Use Software that Bridges the Gap Between Injection Molding Simulation and Mechanical Simulation

CONVERSE has a variety of mapping capabilities including but not restricted to fiber orientation, weld lines, pressures, temperatures, thickness and stresses. It exports the data in a ready-to-use FE input deck for the particularly supported solver and for the built-in material model of that solver.

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QSD® by Cetim

empilement QSD

Smart Composite Design with Adapted Fiber Orientation and Reduced Material Scraps

QSD is an easy-to-use design optimization workflow integrated within Altair HyperWorks. With QSD you can tailor your thicknesses and orientation of your composite lay-up to reach your cost/performance target, providing faster and better prospective design, improved tailor composite preform optimization, and design to cost with integrated process know-how.

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KTex Family by CEDREM


Calculate Accurate Mechanical Properties of Any Composite Material

KTex Family is a set of tools dedicated to modeling composite materials precisely at the scale of the yarns. Additionally, it takes into account the impact of manufacturing processes on their mechanical properties.

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VABS™ by AnalySwift

Blog_Post_APA-AnalySwift-VABS_June2020 (1)

Compute Beam Properties and 3D Stresses of Advance Composites Structures

VABS is a general-purpose efficient, yet accurate cross-sectional analysis tool for computing beam properties and recovering 3D stresses/strains of slender composite structures.  It is a powerful tool for modeling composite helicopter and wind turbine rotor blades, as well as other slender composite structures, such as propellers, landing gear, and high-aspect ratio wings.

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CoDA by Anaglyph


Composites Preliminary Analysis for Sub-Components

CoDA modules were developed to provide preliminary design procedures to enable a first analysis to be undertaken. The analysis will be followed by build and test for those without more sophisticated analysis facilities.

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LAP by Anaglyph


Composite Laminate Analysis for Fundamental Shapes

LAP is used in preliminary design for tailoring, analyzing, and optimizing laminates and composites. LAP can be used to analyze any type of composite laminate subjected to in-plane loads and moments.

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