NovaFlow&Solid Level 2 Training

NovaFlow&Solid is a mold filling and solidification simulation package based on advanced fluid flow and heat transfer theories. Most of the casting methods on the market can be simulated such as gravity sand casting, gravity permanent mold, low pressure die casting, high pressure die casting, lost wax method, tilt pouring and lost foam process. Commercial alloys can be simulated such as grey- and ductile iron, steel, aluminum alloys, copper-, zinc- and magnesium-based alloys, super alloys, all types of mold and core materials that exist on the market and exothermic materials as well as chills.

Through Altair, NovaCast Systems AB is offering several training options to customers either virtually or on-site*. 

There are three options for full day Level 2 training offered by NovaCast to choose from:

  1. Gravity casting
  2. High pressure die casting
  3. Low pressure die casting

Sample Training Agenda

  • Use gas porosity prediction
  • Use parameter optimization
  • Use multi mesh simulation
  • Use advanced functions in the Browser
  • Run full simulations with filling of the chamber and piston movement
  • Run and setup several simulations under supervision
  • Focus on HPD casting simulations

Training can be adapted for your needs, for example, calibration of your models to use more advanced functions.

Who should attend?
This training would be beneficial to design, CAE and foundry engineers. Knowledge about castings and CAD experience is a training prerequisite.


* On-site training only offered for USA, Sweden and India currently, all other countries will have virtual trainings.

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