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If you haven't yet already, we highly recommend you review the following webinar recordings along with the associated materials prior to attending the session. If you prefer private 1-on-1 discussions with Dr. Reddy, please sign up for 15 minute calls with Dr. Reddy here.


Dr. CJ Reddy, VP of Business Development, Electromagnetics

CJ Reddy Headshot

Dr. C.J Reddy is the Vice President Of Business Development with over 30+ years of experience in the RF, Antenna, Microwave and electromagnetic simulation industry.

Dr. Reddy has a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering and M.Tech in Microwave and Optical Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Dr. Reddy is a Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES) and a Fellow of Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA).


Antenna Design Webinar Series

Please feel free to watch the pre-recorded webinars and any questions or clarifications you may have will be answered by Dr. Reddy during this "Ask the Expert" virtual session.


feko webinar thumbnail 1

Optimize Your Antenna Design Using Machine Learning

In this webinar, Altair demonstrates how antenna designers can take advantage of machine learning to generate mathematical models for their physical antenna designs and perform fast and intelligent optimization on these mathematical models.

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CMA Webinar Thumbnail

Take Advantage of Characteristic Mode Analysis for Your Antenna Design

In this webinar, Altair demonstrates how to leverage Characteristic Mode Analysis (CMA) to obtain insight in the fundamental resonance characteristics of antenna geometries and of the structures on which they are mounted. This insight aids in choosing the locations of the excitations on the antenna and of the antennas on the platform.

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5G Feko Webinar Thumbnail

Get One Step Ahead of 5G With Wireless Network Planning and Performance Analysis

This webinar presents Altair’s advanced computational tools for the propagation analysis and network planning of the emerging 5G technologies.

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solve your EMC EMI problems webinar image-1

Solve Your EMC/EMI Problems Involving Cables

This webinar covers the cable analysis solution from Altair with a detailed overview of the methodology with examples.  This will show how to address the many problems of electromagnetic compatibility and interference involving cables, which either radiate through imperfect shields or which receive external EM fields from other devices

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Additional Materials

The following resources are additional key documents and/or customer stories showcasing Altair’s Antenna and RF Solutions.


VOH Reddy Resource 1

Feko Datasheet

Click below to download a datasheet that summarizes Altair Feko’s capabilities and features.


Download Datasheet

VOH Reddy Resource 2

Airbus Helicopters Relies on Simulation to Develop Antennas Quickly and Efficiently

In this video, Hervé Dutruc, antenna and communication expert at Airbus Helicopters, highlights some of the challenges the company faces for antenna design and installation definition. Airbus Helicopters relies on Altair Feko simulations to support the increased of use of composite materials and growing frequency for communication systems.

Watch Customer Story

VOH Reddy Resource 3

Application of FEKO in EM Protection Design for Electromagnetic Effects of Civil Aircraft

In the limited space of a plane, a lot of radio equipment, especially antennas are installed, leading to concerns about antenna pattern distortion caused by the plane body and inter-antenna isolation.

COMAC, Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute continues selecting FEKO to improve the EMC performance in the developmental phase of the multiple aircraft models C919 and ARJ21.

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VOH Reddy Resource 4

Antenna Design Methodology for Smartwatch Applications

This technical article from Microwave Journal covers how Smart devices have touched and enhanced all aspects of our lives, from the way we conduct business to the way we relax at the end of the day. As well as how designing antennas for wearable devices presents a unique set of challenges.

Read Technical Paper

VOH Reddy Resource 5

Daimler Customer Story

Daimler turned to Altair for assistance in making the optimization of a multi-port antenna more efficient.  This was to address the complexity of designing an integrated antenna in windscreens

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