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We are excited to invite you to join us for an exclusive "Ask the Expert" virtual session with Dr. Schramm where you can bring forth any of your questions about our solution or discuss any potential workflow challenges that you currently face.  You are more than welcome to submit your questions and discussion topics early

We encourage you to review the following webinar recordings along with the associated materials prior to attending the session. If you prefer private 1-on-1 discussions with Dr. Schramm, please sign up for 15 minute calls with Dr. Schramm here.


Dr. Uwe Schramm, CTO

Uwe Headshot

Dr. Uwe Schramm is the chief technical officer for Altair's solvers, optimization and smart multi-physics solutions and strategy.

Holding senior management positions at Altair over the past 18 years and globally recognized for his research contributions in structural and multi-disciplinary optimization, Dr. Schramm brings a unique blend of deep technical and business management expertise to his role as CTO.

Dr. Schramm received his Dipl.-Ing. (Masters degree) and (Doctorate degree) in Solid Mechanics in 1984 and 1988 as well as his Dr.-Ing. habil. (Doctorate degree) in Mechanical Engineering in 1991 from the University of Rostock.


Webinars On-Demand

Please feel free to watch the following On-Demand webinars and any questions or clarifications you may have will be answered by Dr. Schramm during the next virtual Ask the Expert session.


VOH Uwe Webinar 1

Accelerating Complex Linear and Nonlinear Analysis Processes from HyperMesh to OptiStruct

In this webinar, we demo 5 different car door abuse use-cases, solving using linear dynamics, nonlinear quasi-static implicit, and nonlinear explicit dynamics analysis in OptiStruct.

Watch On-Demand

VOH Uwe Webinar 2

Using Multiphysics Optimization to Design High Performance Rotating Machines

This webinar highlights how to leverage Altair HyperStudy to drive an optimization of an Electric Motor while accounting for structural, electromagnetic and thermal performance together in a single multiphyiscs optimization.

Watch On-Demand

VOH Uwe Webinar 3

Aircraft Radome Multiphysics Using Simulation

Watch this webinar to see a demonstration of a multiphysics simulation approach using the Altair HyperWorks platform for the analysis of airborne radomes for electromagnetic , structural, aerodynamic, and bird strike performances.

Watch On-Demand

VOH Uwe Webinar 4

How Brompton Bicycle Makes Design Decisions in Seconds with Altair SimSolid

Together with Altair, Brompton Bicycle will give you insight into its experiences of utilizing Altair SimSolid, a revolutionary structural analysis solution developed specifically for design engineers. During the 60 minute session, Jonathan Heath, Lead Mechanical Engineer at Brompton Bicycle, demonstrates live how SimSolid is enabling their design and engineering teams to rapidly explore the performance of its new product gaining accurate feedback on whether parts and assemblies are fit for purpose in just a few seconds.

Watch On-Demand

VOH Uwe Webinar 5

Unifying CAE Modeling, Nonlinear & Multiphysics Analysis

In this webinar, we demo the design of a smart speaker with an emphasis on nonlinear analysis, multiphysics, and improving perceived sound with vibro-acoustic simulation.

Webinar On-Demand

Additional Resources

VOH Uwe Resource 1

Aeroelastic Investigation of the Sandia 100m Blade Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Recent trends in wind power technology are focusing on increasing power output through an increase in rotor diameter. As the rotor diameter increases, aeroelastic effects become increasingly important in the design of an efficient blade.

Read More

VOH Uwe Resource 2

Empowering Designers with Predictive Simulation Technology – Brompton Bicycle

This presentation details how the company has implemented the Altair Inspire, SimSolid and HyperWorks suites into its development process, enabling its design team to find problems quickly and correct them before prototyping.

Watch Presentation

VOH Uwe Resource 3

Simulating Lubrication Flow to Predict Traction Oil Distribution

This story highlights how Fallbrook Technologies leveraged Altair to predict traction oil distribution inside their NuVinci System.

Read More

VOH Uwe Resource 4

Multi-Physics Design and Optimization of a Complex Radar System

Today, most products are complex mechatronic combinations of advanced technologies, mixing electrical parts with controllers and embedded software. To efficiently manage innovative products, organizations are turning to a Model-Based Development approach for concept studies, control design, multi-domain system simulation and optimization. To meet this demand, Altair’s simulation and optimization suite aims to transform design and decision-making throughout product lifecycles with their multi-disciplinary software tools and consultancy services.

Read Technical Paper


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