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We are excited to invite you to join us for an exclusive "Ask the Expert" virtual session with Dr. Soler where you can bring forth any of your questions about our solution or discuss any potential workflow challenges that you currently face. You are more than welcome to submit your questions and discussion topics early

We highly recommend you review the following webinar recording along with the associated materials prior to attending the session. If you prefer private 1-on-1 discussions with Dr. Soler, please sign up for 15 minute calls with Dr. Soler here.


Dr. Jordi Soler, VP Global Business Development - Electromagnetic and Electronic Solutions

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Dr. Jordi Soler is the VP of Global Business Development for Altair’s Electromagnetic and Electronics Solutions.

Jordi has 20+ years industrial experience and a strong background in electromagnetics, electronics, antennas, EMC and communications. He has led multiple product development projects for many industries, won several international awards and is co-inventor of +20 patents widely licensed to major electronic and telecom players.


Dr. Soler recently presented a webinar, "Reduce PCB Design Reviews From Design to Manufacturing" where he showcased Altair PollEx, a comprehensive EDA software solution based on an easy-to-use collaborative application. This webinar shares why PollEx is already the trusted go-to solution for many key global players such as Samsung, LG and Qualcomm - enabling them to quickly visualize and review PCB designs and ultimately go to market faster.

Watch the recording today, and bring forth any questions you might have to our virtual "Ask the Expert" session on Thursday, May 28th. Space is limited, so save your seat by filling out the form!


"Reduce PCB Design Reviews From Design to Manufacturing"

Presented on March 25th, 2020


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