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There are many applications and approaches to consider for fluid analysis in the current CAE environment, with each application and new capability accompanied with more exploration into the market and further expense. What if there was system whereby all the applications needed were under one roof, with one licensing system and supported by one unified team?

With a line-up of inspirational speakers and industry experts, this free to attend online event will demonstrate how leading companies are exploiting the latest multi-disciplinary computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions to optimise gearbox oiling, analysing tank sloshing, perform rapid external aerodynamics studies, predict and reduce undesirable wind noise and much more.

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  • How leading companies are utilising the latest CFD simulation technologies to accelerate development cycles
  • How GPU’s can accelerate your modelling and solving process, reducing design time
  • The requirements and applications for high fidelity fluid runs
  • How Altair's CFD offerings can enable your organisation to reduce software expenditure without compromising accuracy


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Originally presented on 22 July 2020


Welcome & Introduction to Altair and the CFD Solutions
Andy Fine, VP CFD Solutions EMEA, Altair

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Session 1:
Gearbox Oiling & Sloshing
Session 2:
External Aerodynamics
Session 3:
General Purpose CFD


CFD for Oiling and Thermal Management of Drivetrain Components
Dr. Miloš Stanić
Product Manager, Altair

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Solving the Design Paradox
Paul Stewart
VP, Automotive Aerodynamics Modeling and Visualization, Altair

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Fast and Accurate Solutions to Optimize CFD Performance
Stephen Cosgrove
VP CFD Solutions Americas, Altair

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Meet-the-Experts: Accelerating Engineering Simulations with GPUs
Carlo Nardone
Sr. Solution Architect, NVIDIA Corporation


Andy Fine, VP CFD Solutions EMEA, Altair

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Application of ultraFluidX in FCA Aerodynamic Development of Passenger Cars
Nicola Paola
CFD Simulation Specialist, FCA

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A New & Revolutionary Way to Collect Energy from Wind
David Yáñez
Co-Founder, Vortex Bladeless

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Empowering Aerodynamic Design Exploration – Volkswagen Group Research Case Study
Dr. Bastian Schnepf
Technical Manager CFD
Solutions, Altair

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Predicting and Minimizing Fan Noise in Industrial Equipment
Kevin Golsch
Senior Director, Global CFD, Altair

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Networking and Meet the Experts Session


Live interactive Q&A with:
Torbjörn Larsson, Former Head of CFD for Ferrari F1

With previous roles at BMW F1, General Motors and Saab Military Aircraft, Torbjörn has 30 years of industrial experience in fluid mechanics and CFD. This is your chance to ask him questions in a live forum.

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Altair Partner Alliance Session
Accelerate Thermo Fluid Systems Design using GE’s Flow Simulator
Aditya Jayanthi, Product Manager, Thermal Solutions, Altair

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Get Full Control Over the Paint Shop Processes in the Automotive Industry
Muraleekrishnan Menon, PhD
Senior Researcher, Head of Testing & Validation, ESS Engineering Software Steyr GmbH

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Easily and Efficiently Analyze and Communicate your CFD Results
Yves-Marie Lefebvre
Business Director, Fieldview

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Live Interactive Workshops
Workshop 1:
Gearbox Oiling & Sloshing
Dr. Miloš Stanić & Ricardo Segura
, Altair

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Workshop 2:
External Aerodynamics
Dr. Bastian Schnepf & Carlo Del Bene
, Altair

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Workshop 3:
General Purpose CFD
Rishi Patil & Fotis Konias
, Altair

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NVIDIA’s invention of the GPU sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics, and revolutionized parallel computing – transforming manufacturing design and engineering. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI — the next era of computing — with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots, and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world. GPUs now accelerate simulations in workstations, compute servers, enable mobile design access and enable remote and cloud deployment of high-performance manufacturing applications.



Alsim PAINT SHOP from ESS allows you to get full control over the most expensive process in the automotive industry. It includes a unique simulation tool allowing to accurately detect air bubbles and liquid carry-over – two main problematic areas in paint shop processes. These modules are validated by productive Body-In-Whites and can be run on single workstation. Alsim PAINT SHOP is especially developed for ease of use, which allows even non-experts to use the software.



Intelligent Light helps you harness the power and value of highly productive CFD workflows with industry leading software and services. The company’s flagship FieldView™ CFD post-processing software is used every day by thousands of engineers around the world. Intelligent Light's expert staff provides Custom Engineered Solutions for data management, workflow automation, visualization, and more, while their Applied Research Group conducts pure research on the cutting edge of CFD science. With customer success their paramount goal, Intelligent Light is driving real-world solutions for the toughest challenges in CFD today.



Flow Simulator from GE is an integrated flow, heat transfer, and combustion design software that enables mixed fidelity simulations to optimize machine and systems design. This tool allows users to import actual hardware and utilization of 3D CAD point-cloud to automatically create the computational model overlaid on the machine hardware. An extended library of preconfigured elements/components is available to model/simulate a wide-range of physical phenomena including compressible/incompressible fluid flow, buoyancy-driven flow, rotating cavity system flow, conduction/convection/radiation heat transfer, combustion equilibrium-chemistry & species transport.



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