On-demand Webinar: Leverage Altair CAE Solvers on the AWS Cloud
Volkswagen Group Research and Fallbrook Technologies Use Cases
Duration: 45 mins.


More and more companies need fast, affordable, high-fidelity simulations that accelerate product design, taking into account performance and appearance. In addition to traditional CPU-based simulation methodologies, they're beginning to explore GPU technology and its impact on simulation speed and agility.

With Altair computational technologies and the AWS cloud platform you can access virtually unlimited on-demand high-performance computing (HPC) resources to perform complex simulations faster. Running your Altair applications on AWS provides the engineering agility to quickly respond to changing business needs.

Join presenters from Altair and AWS as we describe how our multi-GPU cloud implementation of solvers enables accelerated product development. In this webinar we will:

  • Present how automotive leaders VW Group Research and Fallbrook Technologies have successfully deployed Altair solvers on AWS' NVIDIA GPU instances to address requirements for accelerated development cycles, speed, fuel efficiency, and design
  • Explain how you can easily, quickly and securely run your end-to-end Altair workflows on AWS at scale
  • Describe how comprehensive workload management including dynamic scaling and remote visualization increases user productivity and reduces capital and operational expenses

Presenters include:








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