Altair Inspire™ Mold Revolutionizes Injection Molding

Next generation solution provides a modern, integrated approach to simulation-driven design for manufacturing

Breaking the mold: From 1 day to 1 hour

Why Inspire Mold?

With automatic mold generation, instantaneous configuration testing, and always-3D adaptive computation, our design simulation technology is mind-bogglingly fast, friendly, and accurate.

Get a better understanding of part filling, packing, cooling, warpage, while reducing molding defects long before a mold is designed.

The results?

Reduce concept and testing times from days to hours, and hours to minutes. 

  • Cut product development costs
  • Make better product design decisions early
  • Deliver production-ready tools on time and on budget


Watch the Inspire Mold product launch here:

Altair’s modern integrated approach for streamlining design for manufacture of injection molded components covers initial design of the part, understanding the injection molding process, material mapping of reinforced engineering polymers, to efficient analysis and optimization of the structural and fatigue performance all within a single, integrated environment.

Patrik Ingvarsson, Manager TDC EU, Nolato Medical Solution




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