車両構造コンセプト設計「C123」セミナー - Develop Electric Vehicles Smarter and Faster

2024年4月12日( 金)| TKPガーデンシティPREMIUM東京駅丸の内中央

Introducing Altair Concept C123 - How Simulation Driven-Design is Complementing the Vehicle Concept Development Process

The Challenge:
The arrival of the electric vehicle (EV) has disrupted the global automotive industry. The drive to develop EV’s in ’24 Months’ is an industry mantra and all OEM’s, both new players and heritage brands, need to launch product into the market quicker or lose market share. In addition, in an increasingly competitive market where the consumer is becoming more brand agnostic, products need to differentiate (e.g. increasing EV range without compromising key performance attributes).

The Solution:
Simulation is the key technology to achieve rapid development of ‘Body-in-White’ structures. For over a decade, Altair has been developing an advanced simulation driven process which allows OEM’s to re-imagine the concept phase. Small agile teams work in close collaboration with designers to ensure engineering input is delivered in a timely manner, avoiding the trap of ‘too detailed, too early’. Altair’s consultancy team has supported many OEM’s, both new and heritage brands, applying Altair Concept C123 process to rapidly develop BIW structures with leading performance attributes. With the maturing of the process, Altair is now assisting clients to integrate the highly automated workflows and software technologies (e.g. optimization, AI etc.) complementing their existing concept process.

Why Should Your Company Attend?
Altair’s exclusive cutting-edge technology (C123) gives organizations across the globe the opportunity to innovate at an accelerated rate, while considering all vehicle attributes. Altair is holding a free to attend, one-day hands-on workshop delivered by Altair’s leading practitioners. This provides an opportunity for OEM’s to assess the comprehensive nature of the C123 process and associated software and learn how it could compliment their existing ‘in-house’ concept development process.

Who Should Attend?
The workshop has been developed to teach the process to simulation engineers engaged in attribute evaluation of BIW structures (e.g. NVH, crash etc). A familiarization of Altair’s HyperWorks toolset is not a prerequisite.

Every Global OEM, New or Heritage Brands, Should be Open to Exploring the Potential of the Altair Concept C123 Process


This is a free one-day hands-on workshop that will be delivered by Altair's leading practitioners. The training sessions will be held in-person in Altair's Tokyo offices. See Venue Information

MORNING SESSION | 10:00 - 12:30

C123 Overview

  • Introduction to C123 Philosophy

Preparation Phase

  • Linear Loadcase Generation
  • Post-processing

C1: Model Build & Run

  • Package Management
  • Model Creation
  • Model Setup

C2: Model Build 

  • How to Build a C2 Model

Lunch: 12:30 - 13:15

AFTERNOON SESSION: 13:15 - 18:00 

C2: Optimization

  • Optimization Setup

Designer Handshake

  • Migration C2 to C3
  • Designer Handshake

C2: Crash

  • Crash Overview
  • C2/C3 Hybrid Models
  • Ancillaries’ Simplification


  • Mass Cubes
  • Redundancy Tool
  • ExoSkeleton

Meet Your Workshop Leader

Pierre Edouard Rousseau

Pierre Edouard Rousseau

C123 Global Technical Leader


In Charge of Development and Implementation of Altair Concept C123.


The workshop will take place at:

14F Kyobashi Edogrand,
2-2-1 Kyobashi, Chuoku,
Tokyo 104-0031