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Altair Compose® Personal Edition

Math, Programming, Data Analysis, and Visualization


Get access to the Altair Compose® Personal Edition, an all-inclusive solution that lets you perform data analysis, develop algorithms, and create models using a variety of mathematical operations. The best part? It’s available to everyone, including for commercial and business applications.

Why Altair Compose®?

  • Numerical computing: Includes hundreds of powerful math operations and built-in functions for calculations ranging from super simple to super complex. 
  • Rapid algorithm development: Users can explore multiple approaches and find solutions faster than with spreadsheets or traditional programming languages like C and C++. 
  • Multi-language math environment: Compose is based on the Open Matrix Language (OML) and is also compatible with Octave and Python. 
  • Process automation and scripting: Especially handy when doing often-repeated calculations or streamlining common processes. Also includes a useful debugging ability. 
  • Plotting and visualization: 2D and 3D plots give users a comprehensive understanding of calculations and data, resulting in valuable insights. 

Altair Compose streamlined our post-processing workflow, simplifying stress report generation and presentation of large amounts of information."

— Doug Beattie - Sr. Principal Structural Engineer, Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation – Marine Systems

Compose Personal Edition FAQ

The Altair Compose® Personal Edition can be used by everyone! It offers standard features suitable for business use, personal projects, academic research, nonprofit organizations, or anyone interested in exploring product performance using our robust software. 

To learn about the capabilities offered by different editions of Compose, consult the Compose Comparison chart.

Upon installation, the free trial license is valid for 1 year.

For Personal Edition users, support is provided through the Altair Community. Technical support via calls, emails, or tickets is not included with the Personal Edition.

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