Webinar: Concept Design for Plastic Parts


Better and Earlier Decisions with CAE Driven Design

Traditionally, products are created with a draft, which is then specified by taking into account external factors. The next step is to validate, test them as prototypes and adapt the design. If simulation is used as a virtual test, this cycle can be accelerated.

The foundation for a successful design is set in the concept phase.

This raises the question of how simulation can be used as a motor for creative solutions and how it can be used as a groundbreaking basis for decision-making in the early phase of product development.

With the simulation-driven design approach, you can achieve early design maturity, efficient material utilization and shorter development times in the development of complex plastic components. Using the example of a front-end module, Code Product Solutions and Altair will demonstrate efficient product development in the recording "Concept Design for Plastic Parts".

Who should watch:

Development managers, design engineers, and structural engineers will gain insight into the simulation-driven design approach.

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  • how to efficiently come up with design alternatives and their evaluation,
  • how you decide on production alternatives and material usage,
  • what is simulated when,
  • what concept design is and why it makes sense to use it,
  • which decisions can be made earlier with concept design.





Paul Habets

Commercial Director
Code Product Solutions



Benjamin Leblanc

Technical Manager
Altair Engineering GmbH








We have held this webinar in German in March 2019. See German recording here: https://web.altair.com/konzept-design-kunststoffbauteile

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