Streamlining the Concrete Design Process

Concrete Design with Altair S-CONCRETE: Efficiency and Accuracy in Structural Engineering

AEC Coffee-Break Series

Designing reinforced concrete structures can be a complex and time-consuming process. Altair S-CONCRETE can accelerate your workflow without sacrificing safety or structural integrity. With a user-friendly interface and advanced design engine, S-CONCRETE provides access to a wide range of design features and tools, making it the ideal choice for efficient concrete design. 

These concise 20-minute presentations offer valuable insights and practical tips to accelerate your concrete design workflow.

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Concrete Design for Strength and Serviceability

Faster Reinforced Concrete Design for Any Workflow

Code Check, Design, and Detail reinforced concrete columns, beams, walls, and continuous beams for strength and serviceability, ensuring your concrete structures are code compliant without overdesign. With Altair S-CONCRETE's efficient workflow, input any structural analysis software results to generate and view immediate, understandable concrete design results. This concrete design overview covers:

  • Introduction to S-CONCRETE​
  • Section Design
  • Continuous Beam Design
  • Concrete design workflow
simulation of a large concrete buildingimulatio

Efficient Concrete Design with Batch Processing Explained

Shorten Design Cycles with Batch Processing for Concrete Design

Save time and effort by streamlining the process of code-checking numerous reinforced concrete structural elements. The Altair S-CONCRETE Batch Processing option provides a robust and efficient way to analyze multiple S-CONCRETE native files simultaneously that easily integrates into existing project workflows. This presentation explains:

  • Why use Batch Processing?
  • How to store your files
  • Running Batch Code Check
  • Report Generation



Accelerate Concrete Design for 3rd Party Analysis Results

S-CONCRETE Multistory Designer for Tall Buildings and Large Structures

Finish concrete design projects in days instead of weeks using Altair S-CONCRETE's Multistory Designer tool. It streamlines the workflow by allowing the import and simultaneous design of all concrete structural elements from third-party analysis models, resulting in a complete design report. This presentation will show the benefits and steps involved in this workflow.

  • Importing 3rd party model data
  • Preliminary Design setup and checks
  • Detailed adjustments and checks
  • Exporting Engineering Design Reports

Wall Design According to ACI 318-19

Efficiency and Accuracy for ACI 318-19 Code Provisions

Gain valuable insights into the critical aspects of designing reinforced concrete walls in compliance with the latest ACI 319-19 design code provisions. Efficiently conduct strength and detailing checks with Altair S-CONCRETE to produce clear and understandable design output results, ensuring your projects adhere to the most up-to-date industry standards. Topics presented include:

  • Verification example overview
  • Strength checks
  • Detailing checks
  • Design output

Speakers and Moderators


Matthew Sauer

Manager GTT


Andres Chavez

Andres Chavez

Specialist Engineer


Tayen Aguilar

Tayen Aguilar

AEC Support Engineer


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