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Altair´s  Design the Difference Day

In the context of industry 4.0 product development can become a challenging journey for engineers. At Altair's "Design the DifferenceTM"- Day, the company presents solutions and methods for "Simulation-driven InnovationTM" and will show several industry examples that demonstrate how to successfully develop products despite an increasing complexity.


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Michael Arold

Senior Sales Director, Altair Germany

How Simulation Driven Design Revolutionizes Product Development - If Done Right!

This presentation will show how to be successful when substituting weld constructions by efficient castings, how to develop profitable injection molding tools with additive manufacturing, how to create a unique biking experience by combining materials and manufacturing methods and how to design boats that fly.

Case Studies: Amazone, Protiq, Robot Bike, Artemis Racing


 Vincent Marché2.png  

Vincent Marché

Marketing Director, Altair France

Electrical Engineering in the Age of IoT

Differentiate your products when designing wireless and battery-less equipment, by applying the right tools and processes.  Develop sensors for an optimal network use, customize them efficiently with visual programming tools and make your products better by reducing energy usage.

Case Studies: Schneider Electric, Pace control, Alstom


 Fleix Radisch.png  

Felix Radisch

Application Engineer, Altair Germany

Designing a Collaborative Robot – Predevelopment with solidThinking

When developing smart devices and innovative IoT products engineers face new challenges. From 1D to 3D - from sensors to optimized structures, as well as data analytics, all required development steps can be conducted and solved with Altair's software platform.

Example: Virtual cobot demonstrator.


Dirke Pieper.png  

Panel discussion

Dirk Pieper, CAE Forum & Presenters

Why do we have to Change the Design Paradigm for IOT Devices?

This podium discussion will discuss and answer questions such as:
  • How does simulation change the way IOT devices are developed?
  • Do we use the right tools?
  • Do we employ the right processes?
  • Are they applied the right way?



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