Data Transformation and RPA: How to Streamline Your Data Process

Data Transformation and RPA: How to Streamline Your Data Process

In Partnership With AmdoSoft Systems

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At the core of robotic process automation (RPA) technology is the industry-wide shift to automate business workflows that are repetitive and error-prone. When complemented with the right data preparation capabilities, this technology can provide an end-to-end, robust process management solution that goes beyond RPA for realizing hyperautomation in any organization.

Altair Data Analytics is partnering with IT automation provider AmdoSoft Systems to deliver the benefits of advanced data transformation in scalable, enterprise-level RPA operations with proprietary b4 Bots technology.

Watch as we demonstrate the powerful combination of data transformation and RPA to automate tedious and time-consuming manual processes, so you can increase efficiencies and focus on the strategic tasks that matter.

Why Watch?

  • Learn how RPA and data transformation can complement or improve existing processes that can increase productivity and agility and reduce error rates
  • See how you can easily combine, join, and clean disparate data from structured and unstructured sources for further analysis
  • Understand how to operationalize RPA to eliminate error-prone manual workflows, with a special focus on managing insurance claims
  • Get answers to your questions on implementing data preparation and RPA to streamline business processes in your organization

Who Should Watch?

This webinar is perfect for Project Managers, Business Analysts, Database Administrators, non-Data Scientists, and anyone working with a huge amount of data.

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Ben Thomas - Solution Specialist, Altair
Ben Thomas
Senior Solutions Specialist
David Griffith - Managing Director, AmdoSoft-2
David Griffith
Managing Director
AmdoSoft Systems