Design for Additive Manufacturing

Altair's award-winning optimization technology generates efficient, organic-looking shapes that are ideal for advanced manufacturing methods. Coupling additive manufacturing and topology optimization greatly expands design freedom and creativity to get the best possible design.


Image courtesy of Airbus APWorks

Structural Performance

Additive manufacturing enables the creation of highly complex structures, which often cannot be produced with traditional manufacturing methods. With additive manufacturing, you can realize light weighting strategies and increase the performance of a component like never before.

This approach is demonstrated in a variety of practical examples and use cases from companies such as AP Works, EADS, the Laser Zentrum Nord, Renishaw, Ruag and many others. Submit your information below to download these customer stories.

Design for Performance

Altair assists its customers with screening tools and methodology to identify parts and assemblies. Altair also supports functional integration in order to reduce the number of parts, and enables engineers to utilize the manufacturing freedom to design for performance.


On-Demand Webinar: 3D Printing for Innovative Mould Making

Bringing design optimization, fatigue analysis, casting, and 3D printing together addresses the challenges of lightweight design and enables the creation of an innovative design and manufacturing process that enhances performance and efficiency.

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Fluid & Thermal Performance

Hydraulic valve blocks, turbine blades, heat exchangers, cavities for injection molding with cores and diverting elements, with individual conformal laser-generated cooling channels are improved with AcuSolve and HyperStudy. CFD Optimization unlocks tremendous performance potentials. The parametrization is directly done on the simulation model with the morphing capabilities of HyperMesh.

With this approach, the simulation lead time is cut down to a minimum, variants can be assessed quickly, and innovation is driven by automated optimization processes.



VTT Success Story

Optimized design for 3D printed valve block sheds weight, size and gains improved performance

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