The Digitalization Trends and Structural Design in Maritime Industry

Dr. Toshiro Arima | Corporate Officer,  Director of Rule Development and ICT Division, ClassNK


In recent years, the wave of digitalization has swept through the maritime industry. Due to recent improvements in information and communication technology, the communication bandwidth that vessels at sea have available for use has expanded, the maritime industry has created many new opportunities for data driven business innovation and simulation driven innovation: the condition monitoring of equipment installed on ships, the establishment of data centers to centrally manage relevant data from ships, the creation of a “Digital Twin” to replicate the status of an actual physical ship within cyberspace, and the development of autonomous navigation vessels, etc. are some examples of industry-wide activities already underway.

Focusing on the hull structural design, the structural analysis using the finite element method (FEM) had already been relatively quicker throughout the maritime industry, the enactment of structural rules placing increased importance on structural safety in 2015 has further expanded the scope of application of FEM, which in turn has made having reliable accurate evaluation software more important than ever. In response to this ClassNK has released the evaluation software "PrimeShip-HULL", based upon HyperWorks, as a design support tool. Moreover, by incorporating the latest technologies into the hull structural design, the efforts are being made to allow the real-time estimation of stresses acting on the hull structures of vessels at sea as well as the development of more reasonable structural rules based upon actual navigational sea conditions.

In this presentation, the current state of digitalization of maritime industry, structural rules and evaluation software used for hull structural design will be introduced. In addition, the efforts being made by ClassNK, one of the world's largest classification societies, to use digitalization to ensure ship safety will be also introduced.

2018-Global_ATC-Dr Toshiro-Arima-ClassNK
Dr. Toshiro Arima's keynote presentation at the 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference.

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