The Future of Electrification

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The global demand for energy continues to increase and the diversity of sources is growing. Through the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), we are helping customers explore sustainable generation, achieve efficient distribution, maintain reliable power grids, and transform the market. In this five-part webinar series, learn how partners utilize their applications for effective and efficient electrification solutions. 


From Motorsport to Automotive - Incorporating EV Powertrains, The Basics, Opportunities and Risks

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Electric Powertrains are an emerging area of automotive technology. However their fundamentals, opportunities and risks are not well understood.

Based on ChassisSim’s extensive experience in using EV in motorsport and high performance automotive applications, the fundamentals and risks will be outlined as well as the opportunities that can be exploited.

Featuring ChassisSim by ChassisSim

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Design Sound Package with Tailored NVH Performances

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The drive for vehicle electrification poses new challenges for sound packages through architecture and performance, and the design of these new solutions requires adapted and numerically efficient tools.

This webinar will show how AlphaCell by MATELYS-Research Lab could be integrated into your design workflow to meet these objectives by showing examples of part properties, scripting features for tailored parts, and synthesized sound examples using AlphaCell's auralization capacities. 

Featuring AlphaCell by Matelys

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Battery Cooling Simulations – Obtaining 3D Results & Thermal Cell Properties Efficiently

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In this webinar we focus on accurate 3D thermal modeling of battery packs. We will show a thermal simulation model of a battery cell produced in QuickerSim CFD Toolbox for Altair Compose. Next, we show how we use the model and lab tests to get thermal properties of cells for accurate battery pack simulations. Finally, we show how our ROM model that exploits finite elements and eigenmodes computes 3D temperature distribution for the whole battery pack within minutes for dynamic driving or rapid charging profiles.

Featuring CFD Toolbox by QuickerSim 

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Better Assess the Effects of Powertrain Electrification on Occupant Safety

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 Discover how vehicle powertrain electrification impacts the dynamic response of occupants during frontal crashes of road vehicles.  

This webinar will cover the importance of understanding the differences between electric cars and conventional vehicles for occupant motion during a crash, and how Simcenter Madymo effectively simulates safety-critical scenarios in transportation when coupled with Altair Radioss simulations, to allow enhanced engineering and optimization of safety systems. 

Featuring Simcenter Madymo by Siemens

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Designing EV Thermal Management and Fast Charging Systems

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Join us in this webinar featuring demonstrations on how comprehensive electrified vehicle simulation can be achieved using TAITherm and CoTherm with system modeling tools to design better thermal management and charger management systems, outlining: 

  • How coupling TAITherm with system/1D models provides powerful tools for the improvement of the performance, safety, and reliability of xEV components.
  • State-of-the-art tools to evaluate battery temperature and electrical profiles during rapid charging and design cooling systems that are practical yet lightweight.
  • An example of a full-vehicle model with a battery pack, cold plate heat exchanger, and electric motor modeled in TAITherm coupled with Matlab Simulink using CoTherm. Charger control algorithms are built in Simulink for the automatic regulation of battery current, coolant flow rate, and coolant temperature, based on the battery temperatures, state-of-charge, maximum allowable power/current, and cooling system parameters limits.

Featuring TAITherm and CoTherm by ThermoAnalytics

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