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Simulation Strategies for Increased Reliability, Performance and Time-to-Market

Fast Modelling and Simulation of Complex Radomes

Complex Radomes

Radomes are a key part of antenna systems, which can seriously degrade transmitted and received signals. They can also have a big impact on RCS. Modeling and simulation time for complex radomes can extend from days to weeks, and that also includes FSS structures embedded into them. During this session, we will present a new solution and solver technology to drastically reduce modeling and simulation time through a set of examples, followed by an open discussion.


Advances in RCS Simulation for Radar Systems

RCS Simulation for Radar Systems

This session is focused on learning approaches and advances in RCS simulation, including newly added solver technology, leveraging further HPC, and including novel workflows to solve complex multi-physics RCS problems other customers are already using. We will do a  demo to highlight and discuss the workflow and the required solver and pre/post-processing capabilities.


Installed Antenna Performance and Co-Site Interference Mitigation

Installed Antenna Performance and Mitigate Co-Site Interference

Learn how to approach installed antenna and RF system performance in real platforms and scenarios, including co-site interference effects. We will cover model clean-up and meshing, selection of the right solver depending on accuracy, HPC resources, and antenna and RF system analysis and optimization including co-site interference. We will also demonstrate the solution in action followed by an open discussion.


Radar Systems - New Radio Coverage and Planning Solutions


Learn how to analyze, optimize, and plan radar and radio coverage. We will cover simulation strategies for multiple environments, such as rural, urban, and large-scale terrain cases, and including the possibility to analyze the effect of external interferences. A live demonstration of radar coverage including jamming, followed by an open discussion.


Webinar Series Presenters


Dr. Jordi Soler

Vice President

Electromagnetics / Electronic Solutions


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Dr. D.V.B. Murthy (RAJA)

Raja Devata

Senior Technical Specialist



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Dr. CJ Reddy

Vice President

Business Development Americas, EM Solutions