Live Webinar

February 18th | 2PM PST

One of the biggest challenges in the consumer electronics industry is reducing the time-to-market given the highly competitive landscape. Given the lack of time, companies are becoming more and more dependent on virtual simulations rather than physical prototyping to inform the design process. However, performing virtual simulations on large complicated assemblies can also be a tedious and time-consuming process due to geometry simplification and meshing. Additionally, rapid changes in material, geometry, and assemblies complicate the model building process and make it difficult to generate answers comparing various design iterations.
This webinar seeks to introduce a CAD-based simulation process that drastically reduce the time it takes to make informed design decisions on large complicated electronic components. The methods presented in this webinar enable both the design and engineering teams to rapidly explore the performance of large electronic assemblies in seconds as opposed to hours.
This webinar is for you if you are looking to:
  • Perform rapid structural simulations on large assemblies without worrying about geometry or mesh
  • Obtain results early in the design phase to make informed design decisions
  • Compare multiple assembly iterations and instantly flag differences in both design changes and performance
  • Obtain results for large assemblies in seconds as opposed to hours


Topics covered in this webinar include:
  • Linear static analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Frequency response
  • Thermal-structural coupling
  • Geometric non-linearity
  • Material non-linearity


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