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Altair Embed® Personal Edition

Visual Environment for Embedded System Development


Altair Embed® is a block diagram/state chart environment for embedded firmware development and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) prototyping. Ideal for robotics, electric motors, Internet of Things (IoT), video processing, and practically any embedded application, users can easily simulate and generate efficient fixed or floating-point MISRA-compliant firmware for over 1,200 microprocessor targets without needing to write a single line of code  

The Altair Embed Personal Edition, designed for non-commercial, hobbyist, and personal use, is identical to the professional edition with navigation limits on some of the supplied examples.

Why Altair Embed?

  • Rapid Modeling and Simulation
    Leverage intuitive GUI-based block and state chart libraries to model and simulate continuous, discrete, hybrid, multi-rate, and event-based systems.  
  • Block diagrams to Firmware with Automatic Code Generation
    Supplement model diagrams with microcontroller-specific peripheral blocks and convert them to firmware with the automatic code generator. Embed supports over 1,200 industry-standard microcontrollers and can generate firmware from a foreign real-time operating system.
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) Prototyping
    Conduct verification testing of closed-loop virtual PC plant models communicating in lockstep with firmware executing on the target. 
  • Prebuilt Motor/Drive Controller Diagrams
    Reduce development time by accessing over 170 motor/drive examples from the eDrives library for simulation and code generation.
  • Digital Power Designer (DPD)
    Access DPD library tools and diagrams to streamline the design, simulation, automated code generation, and HIL testing for power converters, analog converter compensators, filters, phase-locked loops (PLLs), AC sweep frequency response, and more.
  • IoT support
    Accelerate IoT device firmware development and HIL testing using communication support for MQTT, Kafka, serial, UDP, CAN, I2C, and SPI; image processing support using the Altair Embed OpenVision library; and GPIO support for data collection and control.    

A key benefit to using Altair Embed is its code generation capability and how quickly and fast it works. The speed of its drivers work and the ability to interface directly with our ROM code was the key enabler for me, and that was the most important benefit in this particular project."

— Dave Wilson, Senior Motor Systems Engineer, C2000 Group, Texas Instruments

Altair Embed Personal Edition FAQ

The Altair Embed Personal Edition is tailored for individuals seeking non-commercial, hobbyist, or personal use. It offers standard features suitable for personal projects, academic research, nonprofit organizations, or anyone interested in exploring embedded firmware development using our industry standard software.

To learn more about Altair Embed’s capabilities, visit the Altair Embed webpage.

Embed Personal has a 180 day, renewable license.

For Altair Embed Personal Edition users, support is provided through the Altair Community. Technical support via calls, emails, or tickets is not included with the Altair Embed Personal Edition.

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