Tall Structures

What's New with Altair / S-FRAME Licensing



Introduction to Altair Simulation Solutions

for Structural Engineers


Learn how structural engineering and design solutions in the Altair Structural Engineer suite can expand your capabilities and reduce design time. We'll provide a brief overview of the solutions now available to your company through Altair Unites (AU) licensing, including: 

  • Mesh-free solutions to quickly explore design alternatives early in the design process. 
  • Optimization solutions for discovering efficient structural shapes that reduce material volume and weight while ensuring stability and safety. 
  • High-performance finite element meshing for complex structural engineering problems. 
  • Blast and explosion event simulation to predict damage, identify structural vulnerabilities and optimize the design for maximum structural integrity.
  • Concept-stage aerodynamic wind-tunnel simulation to evaluate models for feasibility, risk mitigation, and stability.

This webinar is the first of a structural engineering-focused series we'll be offering. Additional presentations will explain how the additional solutions can benefit your company's engineering analysis and design workflows.


Matthew Sauer
Sr. Application Engineer
Luca Frattari
VP-Global Business Development AEC
Marinos Stylianou
SVP Global AEC Business

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