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Bus Rollover Simulation by Altair Hyperworks

Thurs, Nov 19 | 11:00AM SGT

bus rollover2

Using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)tool to faster the bus design already implement to many bus OEM in the world.Bus rollover simulation also widely use to improve the bus safety and protect the occupants. Altair HyperWorks is a strong tool for helping engineers in virtual testing and validation for the bus superstructure design and reduce the product development time.

The presentation will showcase:
1) Introduction of ECE R66 Regulation
2) Rollover simulation setup process
3) Component simulation (joint test) for further certification

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Bus Durability and Optimization by Altair HyperWorks

Mon, Nov 23 | 11:00AM SGT

bus durability

Bus durability is a big challenge for engineer to overcome during design stage, especially for new market and new chassis. In the webinar, we will provide the solution for using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tool to help engineers to understand and calculate the durability performance , which can include lightweight design in the simulation. Altair HyperWorks is a powerful tool and already implemented in many bus OEM in the world.

The presentation will showcase:
1) Bus Durability simulation
2) Bus Lightweight and Optimization
3) Case study

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