Altair’s response to the coronavirus - safety, service, and support

During this crisis, Altair is offering temporary software licenses to customers working from home at no additional cost to ensure productivity and security.

Access to an increased number of online trainings, eLearning courses, and eBooks is now available.

The current developments and official recommendations in relation to the coronavirus demand of us all to act quickly and consistently. The health and safety of our customers, partners, and employees are our top priority.

Altair introduced a global policy for remote work. For our IT infrastructure, in particular, we have taken measures to ensure the reliability of our systems.
In addition, our meetings, both internal and external, are held virtually, and we will keep travelling to a minimum.
Our team is well prepared to work productively from home – as this has been part of our corporate culture for many years.
In the following, I would like to draw your attention to the solutions and services we offer to maintain your productivity:

Licenses for home offices
We provide temporary software licenses to your employees working from home without any additional fees or charges. Please contact your account manager or use this online form.

High end compute power even at home  

Altair offers a free 5-day trial of the HWUL Virtual Appliance, including unlimited use of Altair solver software within the virtual appliance.

  • Run workloads in the cloud at any time, from anywhere.
  • Use solvers from almost any Altair engineering domain.

Request a free trial for HyperWorks Unlimited Virtual Appliance now.

Online trainings
We have significantly expanded our range of online training courses. These online courses are conducted by experienced trainers.
Please click here to register to one of our online courses.

Self training program
Our self-directed e-learning program allows you to train yourself quickly and free of charge in more than 20 topics. For easy access no login is required.
You can find the self training program here.

Learn more about our free e-learning offerings and our introductory courses at:
E-Learning offerings.

In addition, you are invited to make use of our collection of free e-books that cover many topics around the world of simulation:

Virtual Trade Show
In line with the motto "Transformation Through Simulation" we will offer a virtual event series from April 20 - 24, on the following topics:

  • Simulation of CAD Designs without limitation by lead times
  • Design optimization and innovation without any limits
  • Simulation-driven design for modern manufacturing
  • Performance optimization using an open Digital Twin platform
  • Data analysis and predictive maintenance in three steps

Register here for the events free of charge:

Interactive online-demos
Soon, we will inform you of an additional offering, a 30-minute interactive online demo that will help you to further increase your productivity in using Altair solutions.

We are confident that, with the measures described above, we will continue to provide the same high level of customer service and support to which you have become accustomed and we hope that your business will benefit from the extended offerings.

We hope you all stay safe.


Fill out the form to request temporary software licenses.