Learn how Altair's Solution-oriented Approach Accelerates your Product Development

Recordings Solution Oriented Product Demo Series

From concept to reality

Are you facing a complex product development task and are asking yourself how to address the different physics and domains involved? You will receive answers if you follow our virtual event series of successive customer-oriented product demos.

From 1D to 3D - in this series you will learn step-by-step with two examples, the development of a radar antenna and a wheel carrier, how Altair's Multiphysics Solution-Oriented Approach is working for all the tools and processes involved in the product development while optimizing performance.

Who are the product demos for?

These product demos are made for existing customers who want to get a better understanding of all Altair solutions involved in product development and their possibilities. And for all interested engineers and CAD-designers who want to get to know the possibilities of Altair.

In short, these product demos are for you if you want to:

• learn how to reduce development times,
• fully understand your system’s behavior,
• optimize and validate performance considering manufacturing realities,
• learn more about frontloading your development processes.



Radar Antenna Series


Wheel Carrier Series




Radar Antenna Series

Creation of a detailed multi-body dynamic plant for system simulation including component flexibility


The demo will focus on the mechanical plant within the system simulation of a radar antenna. The software Altair MotionView is used to create a multi-stage planetary gear including non-linear contact between wheels. The parabola flexibility will be taken into account by the use of a Super-Element generated by our finite element Solver Altair OptiStruct. Finally, the creation of plant-input and plant-output necessary for co-simulation will be demonstrated.


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E-motor setup and simulation with Altair Flux and export for system simulation components with various levels of fidelity


The current demo is part of an ongoing webinar series that deals with the multiphysics simulation of a radar antenna. In this particular webinar we focus on our low frequency EM solver Altair Flux to model e-motors. Subsequently we will export the Flux model for system simulation using reduced order models or for performing a complete co-simulation.


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Towards multi-domain and multi-discipline approaches using a comprehensive system simulation model of a radar antenna


In this demo, we learn how to combine different component models from different simulation disciplines (e.g. FEM, MBS, CFD) within one system model and add relevant 1D components for controls and optimization. The goal is the evaluation of the overall functional behavior incl. interdependencies between all physical domains.


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Simulate how deformation affects efficiency of radar antennas


We learn how to efficiently simulate the radiation of Radar antennas. Effects due to deformation (wind etc.) will be investigated.


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Wheel Carrier Series

Holistic system simulation with MBD and FEM: efficient load identification ensures structural integrity


Altair Inspire Motion is a dedicated multi-body dynamics (MBD) tool with a robust contact algorithm. It is capable of handling systems with large degrees of freedom and offers a reliable and fast solution. In this webinar, learn how Altair Inspire Motion is used to determine loads in the system and is seamlessly coupled with other Altair modeling tools like Altair Inspire Structure and Altair Activate for control simulation to create dynamic motion analyses of complex mechanisms and use these dynamic loads as load cases for optimization.


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Topology optimization considering manufacturing realities


Altair Inspire Topology Optimization is the world's leading tool for topology optimization, including advanced manufacturing constraints to create production-ready solutions to real-world challenges. In this webinar, learn how Altair Inspire Optimization technologies provides the foundation on which our customers are able to develop with an easy and intuitive toolchain completely new ways to solve their daily challenges. In terms of component design and manufacturing processes.


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Finetuning performance and manufacturing feasibility


Altair Inspire is an easy-to-use rapid simulation solution for design engineers. It enhances the concept development process by enabling simulation-driven design to increase your product’s efficiency, strength and manufacturability. In this webinar, learn how Altair Inspire Polynurb Technology is used to redesign optimized structures inuitive and fast. The geometry is used for notch stress optimization before the we see how the manufacturability will be validated for a 3D printer and casting design.


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Design components exposed to high cycle loads


Altair HyperLife is an easy to learn fatigue analysis software developed in a solver-neutral framework. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for fatigue analysis, with direct interfaces to all major FEA result files. With an integrated material library, HyperLife enables the prediction of fatigue life under repetitive loads that occur in a variety of industrial applications. In this webinar, you learn how Altair HyperLife can seamlessly integrated in a development process from multibody dynamic load extraction over structural topology optimization and redesign to a detailed fatigue analysis. The result are used in Altair Inspire Studio to create high quality renderings for presentations.


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Connect designer with CAE expert - efficient collaboration, true consistent environment


Altair Expert CAE platform includes high end CAE tools for CAE experts to any simulation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA) or electromagnetics are only a few examples which needs your business might have. In this webinar, you learn how Altair linked the two different worlds of designers and CAE specialists in a smart way within the same intuitive easy GUI on the same database. Both worlds can work on the same database with no need to do work twice or lose information in the development process.


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