The Next Generation of Data-Driven Lending

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This panel debate-style webinar was chaired by Sean Lang, Account Director, Altair.

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Post COVID-19 and as we navigate our new normal - banking and lending will undoubtedly be transformed. As the economic fallout spreads, financial firms are grappling with a major influx of relief requests from consumer and business customers. 

Will this bring our digital banks and traditional banking giants closer together or will they be further apart than ever before? Join our panel discussion to hear what our experts think.

Our panelists discuss whether modern technology, advanced analytics and a data-driven approach can hold the keys to ensuring banks and fintech leaders continue to scale despite this rapidly evolving credit crisis.

Our expert panel:

Freddy Kelly, CEO, Credit Kudos


Simon Cureton, CEO, Funding Options 

Garrett Cassidy, CEO, Trezeo
Garrett Cassidy circle-1

David Luck, CEO, Capital on Tap
David Luck circle

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This event is perfect for anyone working with and analysing complex data and credit risk in their organisations.