Enhance Electronics Product Design Using Altair Multiphysics Solvers

Live Webinar | Tuesday | July 28 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Consumer Electronics products are getting more complex every day. This often requires more physics to be addressed during the design phase, while the development cycles are getting shorter.

To succeed, simulation is a key enabler. During this presentation, Altair will share its unique Simulation Driven Design platform for Multidisciplinary Simulation & Optimization.  Use cases related to Structural Dynamics, Noise & Vibration, Fatigue and Perceived Quality will be addressed, with emphasis on start to end workflows.

This webinar presents Altair’s workflow to enable simulation of structural, thermal, acoustics and fatigue properties in an integrated Multiphysics environment.

Join us to explore the ease of product design in a single cost-effective environment


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