ESAComp Complementing HyperWorks Composites Simulation 

When faced with the challenges during the conceptual and preliminary design of composites structures, ESAComp is specialized industry-proven software that can make all the difference in achieving better designs faster.

ESAComp can be used as a stand-alone software package, but also fits seamlessly into the design work flow thanks to its powerful pre- and post-processing interfaces with HyperMesh Desktop.

With its comprehensive materials database, ESAComp offers layered composite design engineers working in all industry sectors, a vast set of design and analysis capabilities for solid/sandwich laminates, for micromechanical analyses and also analysis of details. For structural elements, such as flat and curved panels, stiffened panels, cylindrical structures, beams and columns, bonded and mechanical joints, ESAComp provides the analysis tools from initial trade-off studies to in-depth failure evaluations.

Webinar Outline
  • Understand how ESAComp fits into the current HyperWorks composite offering
  • Get an overview of the broad feature set available and see how it fits for various industries
  • Learn which features are most valuable to existing ESAComp customers and HyperWorks customers dealing with composites

From concept to final composite structure – the marine industry is among those that utilize ESAComp.

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