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"Efficiently Simulating and Optimising Antenna Placement in Virtual Test Scenarios"

Industry Workshop - Originally planned for EuCAP 2020


Date: April 7th

Time: 2 pm CEST


In this practical workshop you will learn about the theory and background of the numerical techniques used, and discover application examples and real-world case studies on how such a process is used in the industry today. It will be a combination of presentation and demonstration of the best insight into the process.

Due to increasing complexity and a higher demand for connectivity for all sorts of products, physical measurements are more and more enhanced by virtual testing, not only on component level but also for full platforms such as vehicles, aircrafts, etc. in their environment. Simulation in the design stage is crucial for successful deployment.

This workshop demonstrates the development process, from antenna evaluation to placing the antenna concepts on a platform and performing the virtual test drive / flight analysis also using optimization to increase the performance of the system. The numerical methods applied for such types of analysis, such as full wave solutions for antenna design and placement, as well as different wave propagation models such as empirical models or dominant path solutions will also be discussed in more detail.

Application examples from the automotive and aerospace domain will show time variant results for antenna systems on moving objects e.g. also for MIMO scenarios.


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