Explore Design Options and Streamline Manufacturability Using Altair Manufacturing Platform

Live Webinar | Tuesday | August 11 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Designing consumer electronics for mass production requires a team of experts focusing on various aspects of design and manufacturing process. With a fragmented engineering process, exchange of models and information can cost valuable time in a competitive landscape .

Showcasing its industry leading CAD based simulation tools, Altair will demonstrate a modern, integrated approach to the design for manufacturing process. Use cases related to SLM printing, thermo-mechanical cooling and warpage simulation, and injection molding simulation will be addressed with an emphasis on full design cycle workflows.  

This webinar presents Altair’s unique Simulation Driven Design platform will shorten your design cycle, time which is pivotal to a company’s success.  

Join us to accelerate your design for manufacturing process with an emphasis on 3d Printing, Polymer and Metal extrusion, and Injection Molding Simulation. 


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