Joint Altair - MVG Webinar
Key Benefits of Combining Measurements with Simulations for Antenna & EMC Applications


Presented by:
Lucia Scialacqua, Scientific SW Department Engineer, MVG
Peter Futter, Senior Application Specialist, BusDev - Electromagnetic Solutions, Altair

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This webinar was presented on Tuesday 23 May 2017

Numerical modelling of electromagnetic (EM) phenomena is maturing quickly due to ease of use, intuitive simulation codes and powerful hardware solutions. By taking advantage of the synergies between EM simulations and measurements, the industry can make earlier decisions on important device and platform features, as well as reduce the number of prototypes.

Altair has been working with Microwave Vision Group (MVG) for many years on the combination of measurements done with MVG antenna measuring systems with FEKO simulations. This webinar will explain how such a combination represents an alternative solution for antenna manufacturers to share data with device and platform manufacturers without exposing their IP. Also, through new use cases this webinar will show how, thanks to model decomposition with equivalent sources in FEKO, complex antenna placement and EMC studies on platforms can be conducted easier and quicker.



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