2017 FEKO Student Competition Winning Entries

The FEKO Student Competition has been running for more than 15 years and attracts students interested in antennas, microwave devices, bio-electromagnetics, electromagnetic compatibility, and other electromagnetic related fields
and gives them the opportunity to showcase their work with FEKO.

The winner is judged on the extent to which FEKO features were appropriately applied for the maximum benefit, as well as on
insight shown into the EM problem at hand. 


Our winner and runner-up for 2017 present their entries in these short webinar recordings.

“I feel so excited and am very grateful for this award. I would like to thank the judges for recognizing my work – giving me great encouragement for my future career. As a student majoring in electromagnetics, the FEKO software gives us so many resources and tools to solve EM problems.”

Ke Li, 2017 FEKO Student Competition Winner

More information on previous winners in the competition can be found here.

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Design of a Two Port Dual-Polarized Trefoil Torus Knot Antenna using Characteristic Mode Analysis 

2017 Honorable Mention: Mr S Vinoth Kumar



Mr S Vinoth Kumar from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur received an honorable mention in the 2017 Competition for his entry.

Knots find interesting applications in various field of electromagnetics. In Mr Kumar’s work a dual-polarized knot antenna is designed and optimized completely using features of FEKO. The proposed structure is fabricated and its performances are compared with the simulation results obtained from FEKO.


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Wideband MIMO Handset Antennas Based on Theory of Characteristic Modes

2017 Winner: Ms Ke Li



Ms Ke Li from Xidian University, China received the prestigious title of winner in the 2017 competition. 

This winning entry covers a dual multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) antenna design for a smart phone operating in the LTE 13, GSM850 and GSM900 bands.



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