FEKO is the most used and recognized electromagnetic simulation software for antenna placement, EMC and RCS of platforms, including aircraft, vehicles, ships, satellites and missiles. The clean up of the model can be tedious, depending on the quality of the CAD data.  A lot of detail for structural analysis may or may not be required for electromagnetic simulation.

While FEKO includes a powerful set of tools to heal and repair CAD data - it  is advisable to use HyperMesh for very complex or faulty CAD data to speed up the process and the time to clean-up such models. HyperMesh is the world leading high performance finite element pre-processor and both FEKO and HyperMesh are included in HyperWorks.

In this webinar, we demonstrate the workflow of an aircraft EMC use-case focusing on High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF).  The advantages of using HyperMesh to clean up a model will also be highlighted.  FEKO will be used to set up the simulation and show the desired results.

This webinar recording is presented by:   

Dr Jordi Soler – Director of Business Development – Electromagnetic Solutions

Eloy Tembras  – Application Engineering Manager – Altair Spain

Torben Voigt – Application Engineer – EMEA




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