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Altair Feko is the comprehensive solution for antenna design, placement and electromagnetic compatibility. It has an accurate, integrated, and easy to use GUI from geometry modeling to results visualization and report generation. As the industry standard for optimal placement in any platform, Feko enables key global companies to ensure analysis and validation of their products to ultimately get products to market faster and simultaneously save costs by reducing expensive prototyping and cutting out product re-design cycles.
Join our antenna design webinar series and experience the technical edge of Feko.

Optimize Your Antenna Design Through Machine Learning



Presented on Thursday, February 20 | 10AM - 11AM PST

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. As the antennas are becoming more and more complex each day, antenna designers can take advantage of machine learning to generate mathematical models for their physical antenna designs and perform fast and intelligent optimization on these mathematical models.

This webinar presents a process of fast and intelligent optimization by adopting both the Design of Experiments (DOE) and machine learning. A live demo of this process will also be presented during this webinar.

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Take Advantage of Characteristic Mode Analysis for Your Antenna Design



Presented on Thursday, March 5 | 10AM - 11AM PST

Characteristic Mode Analysis (CMA) enables a systematic approach to antenna design and antenna placement. The approach is based on insight in the fundamental resonance characteristics of antenna geometries and of the structures on which they are mounted. This insight aids in choosing the locations of the excitations on the antenna and of the antennas on the platform. Furthermore, knowledge of the coupling between excitations and modes enables the design engineer to synthesize the desired antenna pattern by exciting a linear combination of modal patterns.

This webinar presents the applicability of CMA to antenna design with examples.

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Get One Step Ahead of 5G With Wireless Network Planning and Performance Analysis



Presented on Thursday, March 19 | 10AM - 11AM PST

5G is the next evolution of communication networks. With an exponential increase in consumer demands for high-speed data, the existing technologies can only sustain this demand for the next few years. We need a new technology with new capabilities, improved downloading and uploading speeds, and that can enable companies to control devices remotely in much more efficient and faster way than currently possible.

This webinar presents Altair’s advanced computational tools for the propagation analysis and network planning of the emerging 5G technologies.

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Solve Your EMC/EMI Problems Involving Cables



Thursday, April 2 | 10AM - 11AM PST

Many problems of electromagnetic compatibility and interference involve cables, which either radiate through imperfect shields and cause coupling into other cables, devices or antennas, or which receive (irradiation) external electromagnetic fields (radiated from antennas or leaked through other devices) and then cause disturbance voltages and currents potentially resulting in a malfunctioning system. Altair offers a comprehensive combined electromagnetic field and cable solution using the Multiconductor Transmission Line (MTL) method, as well as a hybrid solution combining MTL with Method of Moments (MoM+MTL), to solve the EMC/EMI problems involving cables.

This webinar covers the cable analysis solution from Altair with a detailed overview of the methodology with examples.

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