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Presented on Thursday, February 20th | 10AM - 11AM PST

Join us as we kick off our four part Feko Webinar Series discussing how you can optimize your antenna design through machine learning!
Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. As the antennas are becoming more and more complex each day, antenna designers can take advantage of machine learning to generate mathematical models for their physical antenna designs and perform fast and intelligent optimization on these mathematical models.
This webinar presents a process of fast and intelligent optimization by adopting both the Design of Experiments (DOE) and machine learning. A live demo of this process will also be presented during this webinar.


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Gopinath Gampala, Lead Application Engineer

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Gopinath Gampala is a Lead Application Engineer with Altair. He graduated from Olemiss with a Master’s degree in computational electromagnetics in 2007 and working in the field of CAE since then. High-impedance surfaces, Low-profile antennas, LTE, Radomes, Characteristic Mode Analysis, 5G and Machine Learning are some of the topics of interest where he published extensively.

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