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Thursday, March 5th | 10AM - 11AM PST

Join us as for part two of our Feko Webinar Series discussing how you can take advantage of Characteristic Mode Analysis for your antenna design!
Characteristic Mode Analysis (CMA) enables a systematic approach to antenna design and antenna placement. The approach is based on insight in the fundamental resonance characteristics of antenna geometries and of the structures on which they are mounted. This insight aids in choosing the locations of the excitations on the antenna and of the antennas on the platform. Furthermore, knowledge of the coupling between excitations and modes enables the design engineer to synthesize the desired antenna pattern by exciting a linear combination of modal patterns.

This webinar presents the applicability of CMA to antenna design with examples.


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Gopinath Gampala, Lead Application Engineer

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Gopinath Gampala is a Lead Application Engineer with Altair. He graduated from Olemiss with a Master’s degree in computational electromagnetics in 2007 and working in the field of CAE since then. High-impedance surfaces, Low-profile antennas, LTE, Radomes, Characteristic Mode Analysis, 5G and Machine Learning are some of the topics of interest where he published extensively.

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