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Presented on Thursday, March 19th | 10AM - 11AM PST

Join us as for part three of our Feko Webinar Series discussing how you can get one step ahead of 5G with wireless network planning and performance analysis!
5G is the next evolution of communication networks. With an exponential increase in consumer demands for high-speed data, the existing technologies can only sustain this demand for the next few years. We need a new technology with new capabilities, improved downloading and uploading speeds, and that can enable companies to control devices remotely in much more efficient and faster way than currently possible.

This webinar presents Altair’s advanced computational tools for the propagation analysis and network planning of the emerging 5G technologies.


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Gopinath Gampala, Lead Application Engineer

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Gopinath Gampala is a Lead Application Engineer with Altair. He graduated from Olemiss with a Master’s degree in computational electromagnetics in 2007 and working in the field of CAE since then. High-impedance surfaces, Low-profile antennas, LTE, Radomes, Characteristic Mode Analysis, 5G and Machine Learning are some of the topics of interest where he published extensively.

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