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Presented on Thursday, April 2nd | 10AM - 11AM PST

Join us as for the final webinar in our Feko Webinar Series discussing how you can solve your EMC/EMI problems involving cables!
Many problems of electromagnetic compatibility and interference involve cables, which either radiate through imperfect shields and cause coupling into other cables, devices or antennas, or which receive (irradiation) external electromagnetic fields (radiated from antennas or leaked through other devices) and then cause disturbance voltages and currents potentially resulting in a malfunctioning system. Altair offers a comprehensive combined electromagnetic field and cable solution using the Multiconductor Transmission Line (MTL) method, as well as a hybrid solution combining MTL with Method of Moments (MoM+MTL), to solve the EMC/EMI problems involving cables.

This webinar convers the cable analysis solution from Altair with a detailed overview of the methodology with examples.


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Gopinath Gampala, Lead Application Engineer

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Gopinath Gampala is a Lead Application Engineer with Altair. He graduated from Olemiss with a Master’s degree in computational electromagnetics in 2007 and working in the field of CAE since then. High-impedance surfaces, Low-profile antennas, LTE, Radomes, Characteristic Mode Analysis, 5G and Machine Learning are some of the topics of interest where he published extensively.

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