Overcoming Challenges in 5G Antenna Design, Radio Coverage & Channel Analysis with FEKO & WinProp

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Presented by:
Peter Futter, Senior Application Specialist, BusDev - Electromagnetic Solutions, Altair
Dr.-Ing Reiner Hoppe, Application Specialist, BusDev -Electromagnetic Solutions, Altair 

This webinar was presented on 19 April 2017

The rapid growth of mobile and wireless communications has significantly increased the need for propagation modelling and network planning simulation.The future information society will rely on 5G mobile communications to provide a wide variety of applications, including completely new industrial and professional services with diverse requirements and 5G will power the IoT.

In order to meet these challenges, significantly higher data throughputs and much higher number of connected devices must be supported. Challenges include the antenna design at both the base station and mobile terminal, the realistic wave propagation models for a successful development and optimization of the evolving radio access networks.

This webinar will show how FEKO and WinProp can be used for the 5G antenna design, analysis of radio coverage and channel statistics including the antenna effect. This allows the requirements to be derived for the 5G antennas, as well as strategies for the 5G network deployment, including the 3.5 GHz frequency bands for area-wide high data rate services and the 26-28 GHz bands for capacity hotspots.



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