Accelerate your Creativity with Flux 12.2
New Features of Flux 12.2 and Introduction to Flux Motor

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Presented by Vincent Leconte
Director of Business Development and Program Management, EM Solutions

The new version of Flux software brings many new features that will accelerate the engineer’s creativity when designing electric equipment or electromechanical devices. Improvements in 3D modeling, post-processing and transient solving can be seen as well as a faster simulation process.

This version allows users to take full advantage of Altair’s unique licensing system. Together with the new connections to various Altair tools, it allows for optimization studies, coupling with vibro-acoustics and system-level analysis.

Because equipment in the power network has to withstand higher electric constraints, special effort has been made in this version for electric applications, with the ability to simulate electric transient phenomena, taking into account the non-linear behavior of materials. A unique post-processing function has also been developed to help predict dielectric breakdown voltages with better accuracy, allowing for reduction of the usual oversizing in such devices.

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